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These are the websites I use and recommend:

Useful Financial Sites

Currency Exchange Rates
Stock Charts
Quantitative Investments
Bob Haugen's website on expected return factor models.
Magic Formula Investing
This book is covered in my research philosophy. I don't recommend using this system, but it is interesting to test your picks against this model.

Blogs + I Recommend

The AAO Weblog
James Altucher
Jeff Mathews
Mauboussin on Strategy
CXO Advisory
Seeking Alpha
The Econtrarian

Interest Rates & Government Data

Federal Reserve Statistical Release
Census Bureau
2002 Economic Census: Retail Trade - United States
Fed Stats Website

Key Consumer Sites

Chain Store Age
NRF Stores Magazine

Management Sites

Financial Times

Books I Recommend

Ahead of the Curve
Joe Ellis's book on using economic data to figure out how consumer stocks will be perform. I highly recommend this book and the website has updated graphs and data.
The Quest for Value
Stewart's book on how to adjust accounting figures to identify how capital is being utilized.
The Little Book that Beats the Market
Mr. Greenblatt's work is based on Bob Haugen's research Expected Return Factor Models.
The New Finance
Bob Haugen's book covering finance. Worth reading.
Econospinning: How to Read Between the Lines When the Media Manipulate the Numbers
This is a good addition to Joe Ellis's book.
More Than You Know
This is a collection of Michael Mauboussin's writing. Mauboussin has an eclectic approach for a fundamental investor. Worthwhile read.